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Training & Development

Training and Development provides several programs for both managers and employees to help them improve their abilities and skills as employees of Texas A & M University - Commerce.

Positive Performance Management

This program was designed by the Pennington Performance Group to help managers identify ways to improve employee performance. It covers leadership essentials, steps for improving performance, how to create superior performance, and how to correct poor performance. It is an ideal course for all who have not participated in management training.

Employee Development

The program provides the supervisor with development ideas and strategies for developing employees. It includes employee motivation factors, team building, employee accountability, communication and much more.

Strengths Based Leadership

This training requires all participants to acquire and read Strengths Based Leadership. Each participant will identify their particular themes of strength, and they will be given strategies for managing their employees based on their employee’s strengths.

Strengths Finder

The program requires all participants to acquire and read StrengthsFinder 2.0. It will help them to identify their personal strengths and why it is important to incorporate those strengths into their daily work and personal lives.

Service Excellence

Service Excellence is great for all new employees as well as all experienced employees and student workers. It serves as a good introductory and review for service expectations and how to deliver excellent service to all that we serve internally and externally.

Active Shooter

This 45 minute training program provides each employee with strategies for coping and surviving an active shooter situation on campus. A representative from the University Police Department will be present to answer participant questions.

Bloodborne Pathogens

Bloodborne Pathogens provides employees with general safety information that could help prevent their exposure to a bloodborne pathogen.

Hazardous Communications

This course serves as general safety training on the topic of hazardous communications. It provides the participant with information on their rights and responsibilities, protection, spill cleanup, incident exposures, and record keeping.

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